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Brandon Cunyas

Portrait photo of Brandon Cunyas

St. Louis

3537 S Kingshighway Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63139

Office: 314-353-0336
Email: Contact Me


There’s no denying Brandon is an East Coast guy, but sorry New Jersey - Brandon’s funny, smart & reliable, so we’re keeping him!  Granted, Brandon isn't a St. Louis native, but he’s not new to real estate, practicing in New Jersey before following his heart (& wife) to St. Louis. His real estate career didn’t start in sales though; it began in construction.  Brandon knows what it takes to build from the ground up or what a full renovation entails, because he’s done it & he enjoys helping buyers, sellers & investors navigate this process.  Those skills are equally important when pointing out quality work to clients who are searching for a fresh renovation. Brandon’s favorite neighborhoods are the Central West End, Lafayette Square & his quiet neighborhood of Boulevard Heights.  He’s enjoying discovering all the historical sites, restaurants & finding new hiking trails around St. Louis.  Brandon is always looking to expand his cooking skills, but is also a junk food junkie -it’s all about balance, right?  He’s also an unapologetic, self-proclaimed nerd.  He can build a desktop computer, plays DND, video games & card games are all right up his alley.  Brandon loves clowning around with his family & is looking forward to sharing all his family traditions with wife, Jasmine & his St. Louis family & friends.  Brandon is itching to expand his fur family as well, he’s currently in a 1 cat & 1 dog household, but Tyson & Murdoch need more friends.   

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